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Welcome to Online Safety Training Ltd, the premier provider of online health & safety training resources.  Online Safety Training are proud to present our extensive range of health & safety, related training video based eLearning courses.

We utilise professionally produced specialist online video methods allowing for extremely high quality, fast video download.

We, at Online Safety Training believe in constant improvement and development, and therefore, our range of Health & Safety courses are under review, and will be updated as and when required.


Designed by experts – for you …

Each course has been designed and verified by industry experts ensuring fully compliant certificated online safety training qualifications for you and your employees.

The combination of the presenter, animations, quiz style questions and interactive games keeps the audience interested and stimulated throughout the training course.  Our online safety training courses are constructed in such a way that the questions are introduced after each module and an opportunity is provided to re visit sections of the module before answers are finalised.

The underlying factor in our video e learning model is the stimulus effect of the video content when combined with the physical video presence of the tutor that effectively provides one on one tutoring of the subject matter.

Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment.



Engaging courses

The courses we provide have undergone rigorous psychometric testing to ascertain the effectiveness of on-screen presenter-led learning as opposed to static images and traditional text.

Sophisticated eye tracking technology was used to pinpoint exactly the areas of the web page, which were engaging the user the most.

Online Safety Training’s video eLearning courses provide a completely new medium through which to deliver training online by embedding a live personality directly on the page. It immediately grabs interest and delivers aesthetic appeal that holds attention. The outcome is to increase user engagement and deliver a lasting positive impression.

Our video eLearning achieves better communication through the power of face-to-face eye contact communication that builds trust, triggers emotion and captures a memorable tone and style while communicating the essence of the learning content.


High Quality Content

The first thing you notice about the course content is the high-resolution appearance with perfectly clean edges crystal clear sound and an almost instant speed of loading.

This immediate impression of quality and reliability delivers the platform for a talented performance of the presenter, a carefully crafted script and an innovative treatment of the content all of which contributes to a highly effective learning tool.

The fast speed of loading of the course and its reliability is due to its low file size that be lies its quality appearance and audio fidelity. Functioning seamlessly as part of the larger canvas of the web page and interacting with other graphic and animated graphic elements, the video delivers a whole new communication experience for you and your employees.


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